The most friendly commands in a powerful and easy  to use software for classroom and remote training

Video commands

^              Teacher’s screen to a student and  « COM »

^^            Teacher’s screen to all or group and « ALL »

             Student’s screen to teacher and « LISTEN »

^v^          Student’s screen to all or group and « P.COM »

Audio commands

COM        Conversation with selected student

M.COM   MultiCOM  Conversation with all (students to student disabled)

ALL          Teacher’s voice and PC sound to all

LISTEN    Discrete listening to selected student

SAS          Student As Source, selected student’s mic and other sounds to all

P.COM    Public conversation with selected student, heard by all

Management commands

OFF               Turn off current function

Internet        Block Internet access, white and black lists

Keyboard/mouse transfer in both directions

MUTE            Mute teacher’s microphone

MOVIE           Send movie/video clip

CAMERA        Select student’s camera


BLACK           Darken students screens

File Manager Single or collective file transfer teacher/students in both directions

Application Manager    Open application, document/URL for all/group

Chat              Collective chat with all/selected student

Rollcall          Display students’ names on their respective icons on control panel

Quiz               Free text or multiple choice

Special audio commands

Interpreting  Teacher and students listen to the interpretation of the translator

Groups           Conversation groups, teacher can participate

Pair                 Conversation in pairs, teacher can participate

COM button on student’s icon

Teacher can activate / deactivate a conversation with a student with click on mic at student’s icon.

Teacher creates a dynamic conference group on the fly by activating/deactivating multiple students. Group’s conversation may be heard by other students if the teacher activates P.COM (Public Conversation).